GoLang tutorial for Beginners

NOTE: This tutorial is written for people who have less that one year programming experience or even no experience whatsoever.

A question I get commonly asked as as a speaker and mentor is, Are bootcamps worth it? Should I go to a bootcamp to start my career in tech? I have the hardest time answering that question. This truth is, all the material provided in software bootcamps is available online for free.

The reason behind this course is to provide that same free content, but for my favorite programming language Go

What is Go?

I believe the simplicity and cleanliness of the Go programming language makes it suitable as a language for first time programmers.

Go is a programming language was developed at google in 2009. It was written to help replace some of the heavy and complex c++ infrastructure. Since then it has grown to a powerful tool for all types of programming.

The Why of Go

Here is a great video by Carmen Andoh about Go and why to use it.


Part-1 Intro to Programming

1.1 Hello World

1.2 Types

1.3 Functions

1.4 Conditionals

1.5 Loops

Part-2 Using the Command Line

2.1 Bash

2.2 Git

2.3 Install Go

2.4 Pick Your IDE

Part-3 Write a Go server

3.1 What is an API?

3.2 Chat server Example project

Part-4 Dependencies

4.1 Using Go Modules

[4.2 Using Opensource Libriares]

Part-5 Checking your Code

5.1 Linters

5.2 Unit Tests

5.3 Test Coverage

5.4 Web Crawler Example

Part-6 Deploying a Service

6.1 Docker

Extras (Coming Soon)

Additional Resources